A Question Regarding The Prophet’s Journey Of Mehraj

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Question by Sayyid Yahya

Question :- Assalamu alaikum… .It is denoted that prophet muhammad first went to bait ul muqaddas and there he met all the prophets and prayed two rakat of salah and then he went to sky traveland there he met prophets like moosa,ibrahim,yahya etc…my question to ulama is that all the prophets were down in bait ul muqaddas with prophet muhammad including moosa and eesa then how prophet muhammad met those prophet at the skies?if they were in the sky and at bait ul muaqaddas who was there in their grave? I request ulama to answer and reply to my question

Answer by Hafiz Ehsan Qadiri saheb

وعليكم السلام و رحمة اللهِ و بركاته

The above matter is said by Our Nabi ﷺ and it is widely recorded in the books of Hadees including Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim


And this is the speciality of The Prophets of Allah that They can be at more than one place at the same time and this is called a Miracle and a Miracle is which cannot be comprehended by intellect.

A fine example to strengthen our belief, The 3rd Question in the grave will be about Nabi e Kareemﷺ asking what you used to say about THIS PERSON?

Which elaborates that Nabi e Kareem ﷺ has been bestowed by Allah, The Lord to be present at more than one place at the same time for there occur many deaths at the same time

Wallahu A’lam bis Sawab

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