Question #4

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Question #4

I have often seen people throwing money on the stage of mehfil-e-naath. While it is said that money should be respected, is it allowed to do such acts in Islam?
Also regarding qawwali is it allowed to listen qawwali since there is a usage of musical instruments in it? Also few people say qawwali is haram according to the aqeeda of Barelvis..What is the aqeeda of ahle sunnath wal jamaath regarding this?


by Hafiz Ehsan Qadiri Saheb

Money and gifts can be given as it is Sunnah to give gifts to the reciters but throwing is to be avoided

Usage of Musical instruments is Haram and this is not Aqeedah subject but its the law, also the term Bareilvy is used to recognise Ahlus Sunnah in this era thus to separate it is absurd.

Wallahu A’lam

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