Question #3

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Question #3

Often ulamas quote regarding waseela that when Adam(A.s) was sent to the earth from jannah, he made dua to Allah many times but to vain. finally when he made dua with the waseela of our beloved prophet (SAW) he was granted back to Jannah.
Where is this incident mentioned in Quran or Hadeeth? Pls give reference. Many people say that it is fabricated incident and there is no sort of fact in it. How to answer them?


by Hafiz Ehsan Qadiri Saheb

The wordings you mentioned differs, please look at the following,

Imam Al-Hakim said in his Mustadrak: “…on the authority of Hazrat ‘Umar رضي الله عنه : ‘When a mishap occured from Hazrat Adam عليه السلام, he said: ‘O my Lord! I am asking you to forgive me by the right of Muhammad ﷺ’ Allah said: ‘O Adam! How do you know about Muhammad ﷺ whom I have not yet created?’ Hazrat Adam عليه السلام
replied, ‘O my Lord You created me with Your Hand and breathed into me of Your Spirit, I raised my head and saw written on the heights of the throne: La Ilaha Illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah.
I understood that You would not place next to Your Name any but the Most Beloved one of Your creation.’ Allah said: ‘O Adam! I have forgiven you, and were it not for Muhammad, I would not have created you.’”

This was reported by al-Hakim in his Mustadrak who authenticated it,14 Hafiz al-Suyuti in his Khasa’is who authenticated it, and al-Bayhaqi in Dalail al-Nubuwwa – who did not narrate fabricated reports as he mentioned in his introduction. It was also authenticated by al-Qastalani and al-Zurqani in his al-Mawahib al-Ladunniyya, and al-Subki in Shifa al-Siqam. Hafiz al-Haythami says: “It was narrated by al-Tabarani in al- Awsat and it contains one whom I do not know.”

Many scholars have accepted this narration, and even if this was to be regarded as fabricated as it is said by some, yet this doesn’t mean Waseela is impermissible as said by those people because Waseela is proven through many Verses and Hadees

Wallahu A’lam

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